Pole Dance and Fitness Studio

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of Pole Fitness?

    Pole Fitness gives you a total body workout. You will find “aches” in new places, most commonly in your arms, legs, back, and stomach. Pole dancing is a great way to shed the pounds and get into shape when combined with other exercises, such as running and/or cycling.

    Pole Fitness is not only fun but encompasses other forms of fitness, such as dance, ballet, and gymnastics. No background is necessary, however, varying levels are taught during our different classes. You will find your body getting more toned and gaining longer leaner muscles rather than short bulky ones. This improves strength and flexibility at the same time.

  • Do I need to lose weight or get into shape before taking class?

    Women of all body types and sizes and fitness levels are placed in our beginner’s class, Back to Basics. Pole Fitness will help you tone and sculpt your body, all while losing weight. This is the most fun atmosphere to get fit!

  • Are there age restrictions on taking Pole Fitness?

    Yes, ladies under the age of 18 must have a parent sign a release/waiver form. No student under 16 is allowed to take class.

  • Will oils or lotions benefit before class?

    NO, NO, NO… We recommend no lotions or oils.